Toddler on a Plane.

The beast gnaws at my leg and I am having a little cry at check-in. I give him another mentos and take a deep breath. It’s day 2 of no sleep and the second leg of our journey. I secretly hope for a sudden bout of deep vein thrombosis so I don’t have to do it.

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There is a 6 year old girl I know, Leah, who is articulate, bright, kind and hilarious. She is a ray of sunshine and the life of the party. She is also taller and a bit bigger than the other girls in her class.  

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Holy Crap, Baby Brain is Permanent

My babies are almost 2 and 4 but my brain is still a big, fat idiot. When does baby brain end?

I’m so bloody sick of my iPad/phone/wallet/coffee flying off the roof of the car. Or making appointments and forgetting them or turning up at the wrong place. Or forgetting the most basic of words. I can’t spell anymore. I can’t remember why WW2 started. I just looked it up so don’t jump in. POLAND.

But I still can’t remember what day it is.   

I’m so sick of losing shit. I put my prescriptions, bills to pay, passport and to do lists in such weird places. Never to be found again. I’m over looking for stuff I have put in a ‘safe place’

I know, I know, juggling kids and a job and a household and occasionally a life  is tough, but why do I have no brain cells left? Did I push them out with all the other stuff? Are they gone forever?

Losing brain cells is no fun when you haven’t had an awesome night to show for it.

I 'spose I have awesome kids to show for it... But