The Innocent Kitchen Marshmallows

The Innocent Kitchen Marshmallows

You know how a few years ago everyone went Macaron crazy? Adriano Zumbo started it and there were hour-long lines outside his shop to buy his exotic flavours such as Salted Butter Popcorn and Lychee.

And then every man and his dog was a Macaron expert and it was all “oh I made beetroot Macarons” and “Mak Mak in Newtown is better than Adriano”. Blah blah blah.

Well, move over Macarons, there’s a new boss in town.


Marshmallows are the new Macaron, and you better get on board, ‘cos this is happening.

The Innocent Kitchen in Sydney makes to-die-for flavours of their very own handmade marshmallows including Coconut and Pandan Leaf, Peanut Butter and Grape and Young Henry’s Apple Cider.

They even have a Marshmallow Club! It’s pretty exclusive.

Marshmallows are ARTISAN now. So hipsters can get them stuck in their beards.

In overseas marshmallow news, cat marshmallows are big in Japan. So big in fact that the company that makes them has sold out. You’ll have to agree, they are pretty amazing and perfect for the cat lover and cat hater alike. You plop them in your hot choccy and they float around, looking up at you. Then you either watch them shrivel in the heat or chomp them down.

Yawayada Marshmallows   

Yawayada Marshmallows


Another fancy marshmallow maker is Sweetness The Patisserie in Sydney, who handcraft their own light, fluffy and addictive squares of pure bliss.

But if you want bragging rights, make your own. Knock those cake bakers off their perch at the school bake sale with your own creations. For some hot tips, check out this book, The Artisan Marshmallow. It’s hard to say with a straight face.

Tip: All these amazing marshmallows are on the exy side, at around 2 bucks a pop. They are not the kind that you massacre on a stick and turn black in a campfire. Stick to the old pink and white roundies for this task. The kids will never know the difference.

This post first appeared in Nick Jr Parents